Monday! Celebrate with a brew!

No reason to be grim on a Monday when you can come home and relax with a tasty brew-ha!  Sitting outside on a cool, crisp evening with a Sherlenkerla Urbock at 6.5%.  This is a German Smoked, dark in color, smooth and amazing flavors kind of beer.

Tasted this one at our beer store while filling a growler of Stone IPA and well, we grabbed a growler of it as well.  I loved the smokiness of it!  I still can't put my finger on what food it tastes like but it's great!  Ok it doesn't taste exactly like a food but that smoky flavor and taste on the end really reminds me of something I've eaten or smelled on the pit.  Some people shy away from beers that might have a foodie flavor like jalapeño or hatch chili but man oh man, my experiences with those have been awesome!!!  Caldera Brewing makes and amazing roasted hatch chili beer that is to die for!  No Label in Katy, TX has or had a jalapeño beer I tried this summer that was ever so good.  Just have to try them.  This one today though is great and perfect for the season.  

Have you tried it? If so, thoughts?!


Ok so I think I figured out sorta what the flavor or smell of this beer reminds me of.  It is those damn bacon crackers I had when I was a kid.  Anyone remember these?!

Back in Japan

Starting this off with a couple older blogs I did while living in Japan.  From there I will bring us current.  :)

Sometime in September of 2013....

If you know us, you know we like to indulge in a nice craft beer from time to time.  Okay more than time to time but you get the point.  Japan is an awesome place to live but the craft beer available for purchase is scarce, however we have found a couple spots that have a few quality brews pretty regularly available.  The only downside is they are much more expensive here than in the states.  Gotta do what you gotta do though, can’t be drinking that yellow fizzy stuff they call “beer.”

To give you folks back home an idea, you will pay anywhere from like 600-1350 yen for a good quality beer.  That is $6+ for 12oz and $6 is pushing it for the lowest price.  We tend to pay more.

One most recent find that we have been to a couple times is Craft Beer & Whisky Bar Stone.  They have some brews on tap but also have a little beer fridge that you can help yourself to and they will pour.  Quiet place, good brews.  Hidden gem.

Weekend before vacation our friends Andrea and Luke invited us to a place called


in Ikeburkuro.  They too are avid craft beer drinkers :)  This was another gem and definitely a repeat place.  Hit a couple other beer spots with them prior to that.  Always a good time.

Another cool spot is

Devil Craft

.  They just opened a second location and they have an awesome beer selection as well as awesome Chicago style pizza!  We have only been to the first location which is like 4 stories high but each floor is tiny!  The last night we went it was packed and people were drinking on the sidewalk outside.  Sucks when you have a place so packed and then you have these folks taking up two seats at the bar….

Then there is

our patio

spot on the river.  We have been to this place way too many times to even count.  Such an awesome spot and they have 2 of their own beers brewed right across the street.  This place will truly be missed once we leave.  Great beer, great atmosphere, good food, just the best place.

And it seems a popular place to take a nap during the day with the sunshine.  ;)

These are just some of the spots.  There are several more we still have to venture to.  The last several we have hit have ended up being in such cool towns.  You could just walk all the little roads and there are so many cool bars and eateries.  It is nights like those and just being out in Japan that make me want to live here much longer.  There will be more craft beer posts to come in the near future.