My first BrewDog brew was the Punk IPA years ago, like 2007 or 2008.  I was not a fan at the time.  Don't think I drank BrewDog for a while after that.  Roughly two years ago I discoverd Fussa Base Liquor in Japan and they had just started selling a nice selection of American craft beer as well as from other countries.  They had several BrewDog (brewed in Scotland) beer's to choose from so I gave it another shot.  Very pleasantly surprised with their brews.  It also had to do with my craft beer palate being much more advanced and into tasting a much larger variety.  Jackhammer (which I have posted about before) became one of our "go-to" IPA's.  Hardcore IPA was another we would grab just to have on hand at the house.  A couple of mine and Louis's other faves they had were Mix Tape 8 and for a short time, the collaboration brew with Oskar Blues, Shipwrecker Circus. That was an awesome barley wine at a nice 10.5%!!!  Wish they would make that treat again!  

Anyway, we have since then watched every episode of Brew Dogs and really seek out their brews.  They aren't afraid to try new things and they do get crazy with it, it's greatness!  Now that we are living in the UK we have gone to a few of the BrewDog bars...London locations were, Shepherd's Bush, Camden and Shoreditch.  In Scotland we popped in the Edinburgh bar and recently stopped in the bar in Nottingham.  They are such fun bars to go to!  Oh and little did we know there was a damn BrewDog bar in Roppongi, Japan.  Only found out after we got to England.  Shit!

Shepherd's Bush was our first try while in London for the weekend.  We had to go seeing as we love their beer, they have guest beer and their menu said Texas Style BBQ.  Not sure if it was the fact we had been walking around all day or that we had downed a couple not so light brews but the damn bbq was outstanding.  We got a plate with all the meats and a couple of sides and screw the utensils, we ate animal style and it was so damn good.  Some of the best BBQ I have ever had.  This location seemed to be a popular spot, it got very packed.  We went back a couple months later and same thing, get their early and grab your seat for the night!  Good times! 

Shepherd's Bush

Shepherd's Bush



 Shoreditch and Camden were the next locations we hit up between those two trips.  Not as packed but we did go during the day.  Day pints are the best!  

In October we drove up to Scotland for a few days.  I really wanted to get us up to Aberdeen to see the brewery but couldn't on this trip.  It will happen ;) Scotland is AMAZING by the way.  Would love to go back and see more.  Our first night there we walked over to the Edinburgh BrewDog bar.  It was great fun!  Tried some of the Russian doll brews, ended up buying the pack of them with a glass before we left Scotland.  Met some brothers from Norway and introduced them to several craft brews.  Needless to say it was a little slow start the next morning.  Loved it!

Most recently popped into the Nottingham bar when we drove up for the day just to see what the town was all about.  Another great place, lots of shopping and very tasty sounding restaurants.  Seemed to have quite the variety about town for food.  The BrewDog bar was kind of tucked away in what seems to be an up and coming area.  They have gaming consoles set up on the side wall with old school box TVs to play and all kinds of board games and what not to shoot the shit with friends and really just enjoy your time hanging.  Love that!  Would definitely like to go back for a day of shopping and day pints!

I rather enjoy hitting up the BrewDog bars.  Great atmosphere at all of them, friendly and knowledgeable staff, good food, games and of course AWESOME BREWS!  If you are ever around the areas look them up and see if you can find one nearby.  They are growing so chances are good you will find one.


Mix Tape 8 & Centennial IPA

Mix Tape 8 from Brewdog is one of my favorite beers!  It is such a complex brew, or in the words of the head brewer Stewart Bowman, "fucking complex!"  You can definitely tell it was aged in whisky barrels.  Outstanding to say the least!  Ratebeer agrees rating it an overall 99 at an ABV of 14.5%.  I don't know what a 12oz bottle of this costs in the states but living in Japan and now England I pay around $15 a bottle, worth every penny!  Please pic one up and try if you see it.  For a full description click here.


The next one I had tonight was Founder's Centennial IPA.  Tried this one on tap at the local pub/restaurant in town and was delighted.  Had a nice hoppy but citrus flavor.  Great floral aroma.  This IPA rated a 99 as well on Ratebeer.com with an ABV of 7.2%.  Another good IPA to have on hand for a relaxing pint after a long day on the job.

Wanna give a shout out to no label brewing in Katy, TX.  Awesome place to go sample some of their brews.  Picnic tables, food trucks, cigar stand, live music etc.  Great set up and you will absolutely have a great time hanging with friends, shootin' the shit.  FYI, their Don Jalapeno Ale is so damn tasty!  Wow!  Wow!

Definitely relaxed after having both, although we shared the Mix Tape 8.  I highly recommend both of these great beers!  


pumpkin, spice and beer beer beer

Tonight I decided it was time to taste the 3 pumpkin beers I scooped up at my beer store.  First up was

BrewDog Pumpkin Head

.  Love the label to start, pretty rad.  The beer has a nice spicy aroma with a pretty autumn caramel color.  There is a nutmeg with a slight citrus taste from the start,  with a pumpkin taste more on the end.  Sometimes these types have like a sting or bite of spice but this one was softer on the throat, smooth.  


gave this one a 48 and it comes in at 5.1% ABV.  Might be nice to have again on Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I made Thai pose with the brew because well, she is too cute and she too loves craft beer!

Next up is

Flying Dog Imperial Pumpkin Ale

.  This one did not have much of an aroma but it did have some flavor!  Chilled for a bit so the first couple sips did not have much flavor.  After holding the beer for a few and then tasting again it had much more spice flavor.  Again I say that temperature is key.  Craft beers like these should not be super cold.  We usually keep them on the counter and just do a flash chill before drinking.  Not too cold, not too warm, but just right.  Like Goldie Locks!  


gave this one a score of 93 with an ABV of 9%!  Love me some BrewDog but between the two this one wins.  Still one more to taste!

Last up is Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale.  This one has the strongest spice flavor of all.  I think next time I would limit myself to tasting one per night but we split them so they are small tastes but with bolder flavors.  I feel full of spice and pumpkin!  This one is a 5% ABV and


gave it a low 46.  I would have to try it again without having 2 prior pumpkin beers.  I didn't finish it, I will say that much.

Cheers to good beer!  Hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

What are your favorite pumpkin or fall brews?!

Breakfast Beer? Why certainly!

I hadn't ever been much of a fan of


beer but recently have had a couple that tickled my tastebuds in a good way!  Another good "go-to" IPA would be their Rogue 7 Hop IPA.  I was hesitant at first because their Yellow Snow IPA was a flop in my opinion but was delighted to find it had a nice smooth taste.  It is rated an 89 on


 and at a nice 8% ABV.  Actually rated a little higer on


with a 98 overall.  Pretty cool it is brewed with all 7 hops grown on the Rogue Farm.  Try it out!

Next on the list of Rogue's good tasting brews is their Chocolate Stout.  First tasted this greatness at a little restaurant in town across from the beer store we buy our craft brews at.  Let me first say it is amazing on draft!  It is kept at the perfect temperature for this flavorful beer.  Temperature is important with craft beers.  Super cold is not always what you want.  Screw those "blue mountains!"  This beer has such a great aroma and so many great flavors.  


gave this baby a 99!  It is listed as a sweet stout with a 6.3% ABV.    

Rogue's description:  Ebony in color with a rich creamy head. An earthy flavor of oats and hops that gives way to a rich chocolate truffle finish.

My description:  The chocolate and maple flavors hit your tongue and you will want to pour this beer over your pancakes on a Saturday morning!

If you buy a bottle off the dry shelf (not in a cooler) I recommend maybe a 10 minute chill in the freezer then opening and pouring.  At least that is what we did to try and get close to the temp it was on draft and it seemed to work the best.  


Have you tried it? What did you think?


The BEER shop!

Here is a look at the inside of the beer store that I frequent.  Really cool place and friendly.  You can beer taste and once a month they have a get together of home brewers in the area that I am ready to attend.  Time to start buying the equipment!  

This little nook here carries the BrewDog beers on the bottom shelf!  Always my first stop.

These shelves here have all the American Craft Beer that he has.

This shelf here has some new found favorites from the Netherlands.  They are the beers on the right shelf at the top.  The brewery is Brouwerji De Molen and it does not disappoint!  So far we have tried Hel & Verdoemenis, a Russian Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10.2% which was rated a 92 on Beer Advocate and the De Molen Rasputin, an Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10.7% and a rating of 99 on ratebeer.com.  I am excited to try the other offered at the store.  These were a wonderful find.  Not sure if any stores in the states carry them but if you see them grab one...or more!  Really great complex flavors.

Tonight I am going back because he is getting in all his fall and pumpkin beers.  Super excited to try Brew Dog's Pumpkin Head.  So far it does not have that great of a rating on ratebeer but still excited to try.  I will be reporting on that later tonight!

And let me know if you have any recommendations!  If you have tried any of these what did you think?!