Beers of Europe and a few tastings...

Took a little drive to the Beers of Europe store in Norfolk today.  Nice little drive, big store.  I pretty much walked straight to the American craft beer section.  I have found a few European beers I like but nothing compares to the diversity of the American craft beer movement.  Here is the outside of the store and just one of several isles.

Spent a while in there checking out the selection and rating beers on the ratebeer app.  Have to choose wisely as the exchange rate is ridiculous.  I don't spend my money on shoes or handbags I spend it on good beer.  So here is what we came out with...

20 Beers...

These were my picks...

Can't wait to crack this one open.  Had it once before at the actual brewery and I know it is worth the money I spent on it.

And here is what 20 good beers cost with the 'ole exchange rate...

Here are the few we tried tonight...  

Dominon Oak Barrel Stout.  This one is brewed in Dover, Dele Delaware believe this is my first brew by Old Dominion.  I was very pleased with the first try.  Very  nice stout, not too potent, very smooth and sweet!  Ratebeer gave this gem a 95 with a mild ABV of 6.1%.  I would definitely purchase this one again and I would like to try some of their others given the chance.  This was the only one available at the store.  

I really have nothing to say for taste #2 of the evening.  It was super cheap so we thought "what the hell" and threw it in the basket.  The aroma itself made me nauseous.  One sip and this "Buddy" was poured down the drain.  There is a reason Ratebeer gave it a 2.  

I have been hearing good things about Odell's from other beer connoisseur friends back in the states.  The beer store I frequent has had a couple options lately and Beers of Europe had a couple as well.  I had not seen this one before so I tossed her in!  I have not tried an Odell brew that I did not like yet, this one included.  Ratebeer gave Cut Throat Porter a 95 at an ABV of 5%.  I have not had too many porters yet but was delighted with this one.  I had thought it to be pretty similar to a stout, not quite but still good.  Very smooth, rich flavors but on the light side.

2 out of 3 was not bad.  Rarely do I find a beer I will just pour out but sometimes it happens.  Got to at least give them a shot.  

Do you have any recommendations for me? Hard to get my hands on just anything living overseas but I do what I can.  Rather scoop up some delicious beers than buy a new pair of shoes or a handbag.  I throughly enjoy trying new beers.  I just need to develop my palette a little further and get a acquainted with how each spice or different ingredient tastes on its own.  



The BEER shop!

Here is a look at the inside of the beer store that I frequent.  Really cool place and friendly.  You can beer taste and once a month they have a get together of home brewers in the area that I am ready to attend.  Time to start buying the equipment!  

This little nook here carries the BrewDog beers on the bottom shelf!  Always my first stop.

These shelves here have all the American Craft Beer that he has.

This shelf here has some new found favorites from the Netherlands.  They are the beers on the right shelf at the top.  The brewery is Brouwerji De Molen and it does not disappoint!  So far we have tried Hel & Verdoemenis, a Russian Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10.2% which was rated a 92 on Beer Advocate and the De Molen Rasputin, an Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10.7% and a rating of 99 on  I am excited to try the other offered at the store.  These were a wonderful find.  Not sure if any stores in the states carry them but if you see them grab one...or more!  Really great complex flavors.

Tonight I am going back because he is getting in all his fall and pumpkin beers.  Super excited to try Brew Dog's Pumpkin Head.  So far it does not have that great of a rating on ratebeer but still excited to try.  I will be reporting on that later tonight!

And let me know if you have any recommendations!  If you have tried any of these what did you think?!