A new Found...ers friend

Well not super new...I have been tantalizing my taste-buds with Founders for months now but they have been around since 1997.  I was a sophomore in high school when they started up.  I guess I like to think of that as not too long ago but I did graduate in '99 so it's been a minute.  Damn time flies!  

Now don't ask me to tell you exactly how these taste because this post is a little after the fact.  I do know that they were all delightful beers.  I have not been disappointed yet by Founders.  Great bold tastes, all unique in their own style.  All of the beers I have tried below are rated a 98, 99 or 100 on Rate Beer.  I am anxious to try some more.  In fact looking at the pics below is making my awfully thirsty!  Go out and pick up any flavor of Founders and I am sure you will not be disappointed.   

Hats off to this Grand Rapids, MI brewery!  Keep them coming Founders!  You are my new friend!


Land of the free, home of the brave and enormous amounts of CRAFT BEER!

Being back in the good ole state of Texas has been a little more than I expected it to be.   Living overseas is eye-opening among a million other things but when it comes to feeling at home, family, friends and craft beer, nothing compares to America!  The weather has been pretty fantastic and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Austin, TX and Houston as well.  Spent some great afternoons at the park or on a hike in the sun with my brother and his pretty lady and the pup Bea.  We relax, watch all the dogs play and sip on delicious craft brews over-looking the city skyline.  Those are the great days.  

During our past fews days of enjoying the feel-good weather I got to try some local brews to Austin like Austin Beerworks seasonal IPA, Heavy Machinery.  Easy breezy beer and love the fact they are canned.  Great for a hike day or dog park and they are discrete so no need for a coozie ;)  Rates at a 97 on Ratebeer, pick one up!  Another great Austin craft brew I had a few times was Stash IPA by Independence Brewing.  I personally enjoyed the quite hoppy taste!  Packs a punch with 4 different hops added 7 times!  We also had Austin Amber ale and Convict Hill which is an oatmeal stout.  Both great and both from Independence Brewing.  What else have we tried....hmmm.  Had it before but my brother had some Hopadillo IPA's by Karbach waiting for me when I arrived.  He also had a Ballast Point Sculpin and to that I brought him a Ballast Point Victory at Sea.  Ballast Point is ON POINT.  Always enjoy their beers.  We both really liked the Victory at Sea, first time trying.  A porter with coffee and vanilla, YES PLEASE!  It really was a great beer!  I like to call it a breakfast brew.  Oh and another one I picked up for us to taste was Clown Shoes Crunkle Sam.  This one is an American Barley Wine.  Delicious!  Love me some barley wines!  They don't mess around and Ratebeer has it at a 98.  This beer is apparently "retired" so I guess I got lucky to see it on the shelf.  I liked the breweries description and seemed fitting for my return to America...

"We brewed Crunkle Sam, an American Barleywine Ale dry hopped with Citra hops, to celebrate America. America, we love you: thank you for allowing Clown Shoes to set off a few fireworks in the craft beer world."

Going to the liquor shops around town, particularly Spec's is overwhelming coming from living overseas for so long.  I stand there looking at all the beers not knowing where to begin.  So many good choices and so many I have yet to try.  It has only just begun!  

Whaahaahaa!  Get out and try some local brews to your hometown!