A new Found...ers friend

Well not super new...I have been tantalizing my taste-buds with Founders for months now but they have been around since 1997.  I was a sophomore in high school when they started up.  I guess I like to think of that as not too long ago but I did graduate in '99 so it's been a minute.  Damn time flies!  

Now don't ask me to tell you exactly how these taste because this post is a little after the fact.  I do know that they were all delightful beers.  I have not been disappointed yet by Founders.  Great bold tastes, all unique in their own style.  All of the beers I have tried below are rated a 98, 99 or 100 on Rate Beer.  I am anxious to try some more.  In fact looking at the pics below is making my awfully thirsty!  Go out and pick up any flavor of Founders and I am sure you will not be disappointed.   

Hats off to this Grand Rapids, MI brewery!  Keep them coming Founders!  You are my new friend!