CAPT California Blk IPA

Trying the CAPT California Blk IPA tonight from Ruhstaller in San Jose, California.  I picked this one up soley on the look of the label.  Hadn't heard of this brewery yet but it rated well on Ratebeer.  My first sip and it instantly tasted familiar.  Darker in color but I definitely got a Green Flash West Coast IPA taste to it with a darker finish.  Started looking into the brewery for some more background since this was the first I heard of them.  Here is a little history from the Ruhstaller website or you can follow the link by clicking here...

Brewing beer is what we were made to do…it’s what we were born to do…it’s what we did best until the government came and killed the best thing we had and replaced it with itself!

The leading brewer of this era was Captain Frank Ruhstaller. A Swiss marksman who emigrated to Sacramento as a young man, helped found the largest brewery west of the Mississippi, and at the age of 35, in 1881, opened his third Sacramento brewery, his crown jewel: The Ruhstaller Brewery.

It was Sacramento’s, and arguably California’s, first premium craft brewery – producing Steam beer 15 years before Anchor Steam was founded.

Captain Frank Ruhstaller embodied the Spirit of California.

I thought that was pretty interesting.  Reading about CRAFT BEER breweries and how they began or how they produce is much more facinating that reading about ANHEUSER BUSCH.  I am enjoying the journey of learning more about brewing and craft beer and definitely love tasting!  

Hedgie wanted to be photographed with a great brew.