pumpkin, spice and beer beer beer

Tonight I decided it was time to taste the 3 pumpkin beers I scooped up at my beer store.  First up was

BrewDog Pumpkin Head

.  Love the label to start, pretty rad.  The beer has a nice spicy aroma with a pretty autumn caramel color.  There is a nutmeg with a slight citrus taste from the start,  with a pumpkin taste more on the end.  Sometimes these types have like a sting or bite of spice but this one was softer on the throat, smooth.  


gave this one a 48 and it comes in at 5.1% ABV.  Might be nice to have again on Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I made Thai pose with the brew because well, she is too cute and she too loves craft beer!

Next up is

Flying Dog Imperial Pumpkin Ale

.  This one did not have much of an aroma but it did have some flavor!  Chilled for a bit so the first couple sips did not have much flavor.  After holding the beer for a few and then tasting again it had much more spice flavor.  Again I say that temperature is key.  Craft beers like these should not be super cold.  We usually keep them on the counter and just do a flash chill before drinking.  Not too cold, not too warm, but just right.  Like Goldie Locks!  


gave this one a score of 93 with an ABV of 9%!  Love me some BrewDog but between the two this one wins.  Still one more to taste!

Last up is Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale.  This one has the strongest spice flavor of all.  I think next time I would limit myself to tasting one per night but we split them so they are small tastes but with bolder flavors.  I feel full of spice and pumpkin!  This one is a 5% ABV and


gave it a low 46.  I would have to try it again without having 2 prior pumpkin beers.  I didn't finish it, I will say that much.

Cheers to good beer!  Hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

What are your favorite pumpkin or fall brews?!