A little Jackhammer to start off the work week!

I am probably going to jump around a tad in the start of this new craft beer blog of mine.  I want to talk about some things I had in the past and places I had them and continue on with my weekly tastes!

Tonight I'm having one of my "go to" beers as of lately.  BrewDog's Jackhammer.  Nice and hoppy!  If you are new at tasting IPA's this one might not tickle your fancy right away, I would say it is more for the advanced palette ;)  A bitter beer with an up-front aroma of grapefruit.  With a 7.2% ABV it gets you right where you need to be with only 1 beer.  But who has just one? Goodness it is greatness!

I love BrewDog!  They do some awesome creative things with their beers, you will probably read many-a-blog's by me about their beers as I taste new ones but will probably do a few for the many I have already tried.