Wednesday night does not have to be boring

The morning started with a plan to watch a movie and I would cook up something delicious.  At lunch time L decided we should go for an evening bike ride and grill up some burgers.  By 4 pm I was heading home because he decided we should go somewhere so we planned to hop the train and find some craft beer!  Happened to be right up my alley with that idea seeing as how all day yesterday I was on beer sites, rating beers and downloading beer apps!  So hurried home, changed, fed our cute ass little puppies and got on the train.  Decided to head to Shibuya to hit up Goodbeer Faucets and Craftheads.  I had been to both places and wanted to show him, plus Goodbeer was having happy hour, 200 yen off all pints!  Grabbed some Sbarro pizza and walked to the first stop.
On the left I had the Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA and on the right L had the Stone Cali-Belgique.  Ratebeer gave mine a 96 and his a 98.  I would agree.  After that we both had a Racer 5, always a good “go to” choice!

Next and final stop was Craftheads.  Here I tried the Black Racer 5 from Bear Republic with a rating of 97.  L had the Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale with a rating of 98 and ABV of 9.75%, yowza!

Bought a couple pint glasses, poured the remainder of our 2nd beers in them and hit the road.  After all it was a “school” night.  Fun times as always!