About me:  I am a dreamer and a doer and while doing so I sip exceptional beer. 

“The Art of Beers” originally came to me as the name for my blog about craft beer.  I am somewhat of a craft beer enthusiast.  I also love to be creative so I started making custom artwork, mostly subway art on wood.  From sports teams to colleges, baby stats, beer or wine and other various items.  You can find pictures of all in the Portfolio section of my website. 

What I do, my passion:  With combining my love of craft beer and my love of creating custom pieces, building things or refinishing furniture, the name “The Art of Beers” seemed to be fitting.  A good craft beer can get the creative wheels turning like no other.  I love creating and especially something unique for someone.

I welcome ideas and if you have something custom in mind let’s talk!  Take a look at my website, or follow me on social media.  Shoot me an email if you want to discuss something custom for yourself.